Will This Post Get More Hits Than the Rest of My Blog Combined?



Created this meme.  Feel like it’s a good meme.  Like ‘it’s a little guy’ but ‘it’s got a lot of heart.’  Feel like I might finally be able to top the unprecedented number of hits I got when I philosophized about this picture or blogged about a a celebrity sexchange. Feel like I’m kinda sad that no one wants to click through brief thoughts or illegally download free music, but also feel like I’m ready to wise up and embrace the new day.

Feel like this might be the day when my blog finally goes progressive and post-web 2.0.  Feel like I don’t want to be ‘left behind.’

What’s the memiest part of my meme? What part of it will get the most ‘mad hits’?

– The ‘exclusive’ (Clash of the Titans) pics meme?
– The The Ugly Truth-bro meme reference meme?
– The vagina meme?
– The vagina dentata meme?
– The xxx hot girls free vids meme?
– The at least ostensibly only appealing to the lowest common denominator so that you can also appeal to higher denomininators (via HuffPo) meme?
– The pictures of celebrities when they’re at their least presentable meme?
– The Kraken meme?
– The actionizing Greeks/Romans meme?
– The meme meme?
– The futura bold meme?

How many hits do you think I’ll get? Should I complement my posts with meme-worthy celebrity porn? Did I write this whole post just because I felt like making this pic? Is my meme ‘good enough’?

*Fingers crossed*



One response to “Will This Post Get More Hits Than the Rest of My Blog Combined?

  1. It would be lowbrow, except you need to know Latin, so I would call it Lowbrow Highbrow? or Highbrow Lowbrow?

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