Album of the Summer?

Delorean’s Subiza (store-shelves 8 June) could hardly sound more made for its moment.  Mixing Passion Pit-like synth-pop with Animal Collective-like exuberant multi-track harmonies1, it sounds both immediately familiar and immediately now.

Given the promise so obvious in the Ayrton Senna EP, a strong full-length from Delorean is no surprise, but Subiza represents a healthy lunge forward.2 By using melody to bind their tracks together into songs, by moving Ekhi Lopetegi’s vocals more into his (less juvenile-sounding) chest voice and above all by taking advantage of lush production values to open it all up to the listener, Subiza represents the flowering of all Delorean’s potential.

“Stay Close” has been making the rounds, but the leak which emerged around the same time reveals the album to be hits start to finish. Viz.:

Delorean – Simple Graces
Delorean –  Real Love

1I refuse to mention “and chillwave-tagged sunny vibes.”
2As well as, for the author, faith restored in Spain’s ability to make stomachable pop.

Disclaimer: These songs are up for listening purposes only for a short time. If you’re an artist or label who wants a song taken down, please write me.


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