Best Movies of 2009



Yes, A Serious Man and The White Ribbon are oppressive.  Yes, Where the Wild Things Are never needed to be expanded upon.  Sugar and Humpday are small movies, The Hurt Locker is mostly just an action one, and Up‘s message is not deep enough to merit more than a sentence.  Yes, Avatar is Dances With Smurfs.

That said, here we go:


A Serious Man
Where the Wild Things Are
The Hurt Locker
District 9
Inglourious Basterds
The White Ribbon

11-25/Very good:

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Anvil: The Story of Anvil
Public Enemies
The Cove
Star Trek
In the Loop
Drag Me to Hell
(500) Days of Summer
A Single Man
An Education
Up in the Air
Bright Star
Crazy Heart
The Baader-Meinhof Complex

(All above in rough order)

Also Recommended (alphabetical):

Funny People
Away We Go
Food Inc
The Hangover
I Love You Man
It Might Get Loud
Observe and Report
The Soloist

Yet to see: Summer Hours, Un Prophete, The Last Station, Fish Tank, Taking Woodstock, Sin Nombre, The Messenger, others.

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5 responses to “Best Movies of 2009

  1. What happened to “sick” vs. “not-sick” rating system? Could be extremely descriptive.

  2. think u forgot the blind side.. and that twilight sequel. also think a really progressive idea 4 a blog post would be to rate all of the unseen twenty-ten movies now in anticipation of your next year’s top movies list. think we can all agree twilight number III would spearhead that list.

  3. Well, I guess Summer Hours now makes for “Great/1-11”.

  4. And “El secreto de sus ojos” makes twelve.

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