not sure if I should like the avatar movie? : /

Hey dudes,

Finally saw the Avatar movie.  Don’t know what to say.  Was a really like weird experience for me.  Really felt like I was dreaming at times, like the movie made me feel the excitement of flying, at moments like I was ‘out of my body’ even though I was only in my seat, but also I could tell that this was just  visuals and that the movie was sort of like silly, like not serious because there were blue people and maybe I shouldn’t see something if it isn’t real, and many other things that made me feel like it could not be a good like film, which is something I care about.

Don’t know if I should mention the flying feeling or mention it as just visuals or just pay more attention to how a couple lines made me giggle, and how it made me giggle when I realized that the man getting it on with the blue chick was a man getting it on with a blue chick*, or about how I could tell that the evil cobra commander was not like complicated.  Need to make sure whoever’s listening feels that they can trust my optinion or they won’t take me seriously.

possible list of things to make sure to mention in review:
– “chunky” dialogue (esp from the aliens, space scientists and evil cobra commanders)
– predictable space plot
– questioning whether so much money should be spent on such big-budget, unoriginal movies, like maybe more money should be spent on the more original movies like the Slumdog Millionaire, the Pirates of the Carribean sequels, the Iron Man movie which I relaly liked, or maybe ‘the Precious based on the Novel Push by Saffire.’
– how it reminded me of other movies I saw when I was a child which I can name but I now know I don’t think I liked: dances with wolves, pocahontas, that rainforest movie with the fairies by the company that’s now pixar that i really liked, apocalypse now, the new world, star wars, pretty much all westerns, any other movie i can think of that had blue and/or feline people in it.

Know that the one thing I should definitely acknowledge is the good 3DFX. How I heard the 3DFX was ‘revolutionary’ and how I heard the FX were photo real and how it’s weird that they made the cartoons with human voices look so real–how did they do that?  How I know I was impressed by this and brought in by this and how they made my jaw drop in both awe and excitement but also how I like don’t think anything comes of money spent on just empty FX.

Also feel like I definitely need to acknowledge the obvious allegory that I noticed, like the Iraq war elements, the rainforests+global warming environmental destruction element, the loss of humanity to industrialization element, the loss of humanity to corporatization element, the hypermediated society forming and becoming attached to virtual identities element, and the getting lost in other worlds and being able to do things you could never do or see in your own body by technology (magic of cinema?) element**, and also how I know these elements should have been more subtle.

What do you think I should go with for my review?  Should I make sure to say now that I didn’t like it because the movie might seem even more silly in ten years? When I watch movies is it more important to try to enjoy myself or to figure out out what I am like supposed to think about it?  If I don’t make lots of criticisms of blue people movies will no one take my optinion seriously?

*Feel like to sound mature I also probably definitely shouldn’t mention how I actually totally kinda got into a chick even though she was blue.  Feel like this would totally not be appropriate to put into a movie review or anywhere.  Or if I mention this I feel like I should make it clear that I was surprised by this, make it clear that I am not normally a person who is attracted to aother species.

**also the vietnam war and we-destroyed-a-race-to-found-our-society elements


One response to “not sure if I should like the avatar movie? : /

  1. Forrest's brother

    ***If you feel, as you are reading this review, that you lack a key piece of information, it is this: Forrest’s first crush, at 4 or 5 years old, was on another 4 or 5 year old he called “blue” and has forever after been known as Forrest’s Blue Girlfriend. Also, Nate’s favorite color is purple, and he has a lion heart.

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