Preview: Ramona Falls – Intuit




Portland has more life in it yet.  Why-haven’t-they-crossed-over-yet Menomena‘s Brent Knopf has an album coming out one week from today.  It’s called Intuit and represents the debut of his “solo” project, Ramona Falls.

Solo project, except that it hardly sounds like it’s from one dude.  You might wonder whether it sounds light without fellow Menomena members Danny Seim and Justin Harris, but, while their essentialness to Menomena’s sound is not to be disputed, Knopf is plenty proficient helming this thing himself. It’s perhaps disappointing that it doesn’t sound more different from Menomena’s distinctive (but varied) sound, but it’s also hard to complain.

What has set Menomena apart has been being one of those rare bands that can craft songs that manage to be not only dense, well-orchestrated and unconventional in structure, but also immediately accessible (so much so that sometimes even Parisian toddlers can’t help but dance).  The rhythm section here might not be as burly, but Knopf still has no problem pulling off this rare combination on his own.

In the end if you liked Knopf-heavy Menomena songs like the aforealluded “Wet and Rusting”, and I can’t think of any good reason why you wouldn’t, you should check this out immediately.  Now’s when I should probably admit that I’ve only listened to the whole thing through once, but the fact that I liked it on first listen is kind of the point.  Debate over Intuit‘s merits as compared to those of Friend and Foe can come later; I’m just hitting repeat.

Ramona Falls – Melectric
Ramona Falls – Salt Sack
Ramona Falls – Russia
(permalink via the P4ks)

Disclaimer: These songs are up for listening purposes only for a short time. If you’re an artist or label who wants the song taken down, please write me.


2 responses to “Preview: Ramona Falls – Intuit

  1. The most appropriate juxtaposition between Friend And Foe & Intuit is the fact that it could take months to properly evaluate either. On the surface one might expect a more subdued album but such an assumption disregards Knopf’s immense talent as a composer rather than simply a musician. A look at the daunting roster of guest talent on Intuit and it becomes apparent that Knopf has woven his arsenal into a rich sonic tapestry of his own making. This is an extremely serious effort which underscores the unbelievable talent of these three Portland musicians. But even more remarkable is that a single album can stand on the strength of only one of them! It’s unlikely that Knopf would ever take full credit for the entire album but he certainly deserves it.

  2. FOrrest: In order of importance-
    1. Update this blog more often- I want to hear about Spain.
    2. When Robin visits Spain, you guys should hang out. You’d get along (

    I’m aware this is an awkward way to reach you- but whatevs. No hard feelings should you delete.

    -Cassandra McIntosh (from Northwestern)

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