Leaked: Modest Mouse – No One’s First and You’re Next EP

If Radiohead Released It, It’d Be Called ‘Amnesiac’



Modest Mouse’s upcoming EP, No One’s First and You’re Next, comes out August 4, but it leaked this morning. It may be composed mostly of b-sides from the Good News and We Were Dead sessions, but, while there aren’t going to be any “Float On”-style breakouts, the songs aren’t half-assed and aren’t at all bad. Similarly, while they’re calling it an EP, it ain’t so slight: it clocks in at over 30 minutes, which is longer than a lot of LPs these days (Vivian Girls, anyone?). Basically it’s a must for Modest Mouse fans who haven’t already been obsessive enough to collect these songs.

Much of it’s now been widely available either on the last couple singles or on their MySpace, but below are a couple tracks that haven’t.

Modest Mouse – King Rat
(Previously from the Dashboard single)
Modest Mouse – I’ve Got it All (Most) (Previously from the Float On single)

You can pre-order the EP here and check their upcoming US tour dates here

Disclaimer: These songs are up for listening purposes only for a short time. If you’re an artist or label who wants the song taken down, please write me.


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