How Did We Get Here? Modern Pop’s 99 (Well, 8) Problems

Hint: You’re Probably One of Them


Contrary to popular belief, there is “good music” nowadays. There is powerful, innovative and important modern pop music, it’s just that the general public usually doesn’t hear it.

This leaves the majority of Americans feeling empty about the music they hear in all these venues.  Most find today’s music fun for a spin, but ultimately shallow. You may find yourself saying: “this is not my free radio”, “this is not my ‘Billboard 200’ where experimental albums can debut at number one (Sgt. Peppers, etc) or become a fixture for 741 consecutive weeks (The Dark Side of the Moon)” or “this is not my Bob Dylan, the music that was once a powerful force in inspiring change in this world.”

So, how did we get here?  Though many attempting to explain this phenomenon will point to maybe one or two factors, the issue has roots in many more causes than that. Here are what I would identify as the eight factors that have most contributed to the homogeneity, artificiality and meaninglessness of music in the 2000s.

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