The Best Elliott Smith Songs You (Still) Haven’t Heard

Plus: Covers, more cowbell.


So you may have all his albums.  And you may even have the also pretty great New Moon.  Is there anything else in his catalog that the hucksters haven’t already compiled and put out?  Yeah actually, a poo ton.

In the tradition of the posts about The Shins here and Radiohead here, below you’ll find links to mp3s of what I think are the best of his unreleased material.  Songs are ordered roughly according to how much I recommend them.

Also included are some covers, which collectively prove that Elliott Smith had good enough taste in 60s and 70s pop to put him on footing with the likes of Wes Anderson.  If nothing else check “Don’t Fear the Reaper”: emo kid can shred.

Studio (and Home) Rarities:
Elliott Smith – I Can’t Answer You Anymore (Rare)
Elliott Smith – No Name #6 (from No Name #6/Division Day)
Elliott Smith – Division Day (from No Name #6/Division Day)
Elliott Smith – I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure it Out (from the Speed Trials EP)
Elliott Smith – Some Song (Rare)
Elliott Smith – How to Take a Fall (Rare)
Elliott Smith – Amanda Cecilia (Rare)

Elliott Smith – Don’t Fear the Reaper (live Blue Oyster Cult cover)
Elliott Smith – When I Paint My Masterpiece (live Bob Dylan cover)
Elliott Smith – Nighttime (live Big Star cover)
Elliott Smith – These Days (Jackson Browne cover)
Elliott Smith – I Me Mine (live Beatles cover)
Elliott Smith – Waterloo Sunset (live The Kinks cover)
Elliott Smith – I’m So Tired (live Beatles cover)
Elliott Smith – Jealous Guy (live John Lennon cover)


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