Discovery – LP Preview/Review

The most mp3-blog-friendly record of the year (Ra Ra Riot? Vampire Weekend?! Covers?!?!), officially out Tuesday, is also one of the most innocuous and clichéd records of the year.  That said, being beginning-to-end listenable and fun if you can stomach the white sugar, it’s a total “burn it.”

It’s not surprising when any indie rockers venture into electro-pop, but what is a little surprising is that these two chamber-orch and world-poppers explore the clichés (admittedly also from R&B, hip-hop and, on “Slang Tang”, Jamaican riddim) so thoroughly. For now Discovery’s a side-project, but it’s not half-assed.

It’s just that everything’s in quotation marks. Check the packaging: there’s the Daft Punk-checking moniker and the Wes-Anderson-favorite Futura bold. And then there’s “I Want You Back”, the Jackson 5 cover that, due also to the origins of its performers and its use of auto-tune, was recognized as “the most zeitgeisty song possible at this moment in time” on BuzzFeed.  Thoroughly blending influences is one thing, but making them convincingly your own is another, and here they don’t completely succeed.

So if that’s the musical zeitgeist right now, how are we doing?  I’m having a good time, but all these quotation marks are going to get old. Prepare for the necessary backlash and meantime enjoy this 7.5/10.

Discovery – So Insane
Discovery – I Want You Back (Jackson 5 cover)

Download the full LP exclusively here via Amie Street and $2 of your $8 goes to Oxfam.

Disclaimer: These songs are up for listening purposes only for a short time. If you’re an artist or label who wants the song taken down, please write me.


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