Sonic Shoulder: Great Songs from Silly Ads

As any good Nick Drake fan knows, just one commercial can win an artist a lot of fans (or in that case, a total rebirth). And not just iPhone commercials.  Here’re some of the best songs from commercials lately.

Okay so maybe it’s a ludicrous commercial but it’s a fun fantasy, and to a great song. And to think all I knew Biz Markie for was inadvertently ruining the golden age of hip-hop.

Biz Markie – Just a Friend

Here’s another.  Dude’s so fucking cool he doesn’t even let on that he’s walking back through time.

This one’s actually from a pretty great album (
Grand) that, if you like this track, you should definitely check out.

Matt and Kim – Daylight

Oh, and those Bud Light Lime (?!) commercials got some pretty damn good songs from some pretty damn great albums too.  First they had Santigold and now they have
The Dodos – Fools.

Ads are annoying but hey, more fans.

Disclaimer: The above songs are not hosted here and are linked to only for listening and promotional purposes, only for a short time. If you’re an artist or label who wants the links taken down, please write me.


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