Bromance & Equality

SuperbadI Love You Man, even last night SNL had “The Fast and the Bi-Curious.”

Much has been written (buzzed) about the rise (or resurgence) of the “bromantic comedy”.  It’s taking back masculinity in an era when in NY and LA women make more than men.  Women are filling a lot of the same roles as men now, it says, and so men have to redefine what is unique about maleness and find new ways to enjoy it.

Film Review I Love You Man

But there’s another component to the bromantic comedy trend that somewhere in the buzz has been confused with the other.  The second component, the one we’re seeing more and more of (e.g. not so much in Knocked Up as in Superbad) is real homoeroticism.  Not just bros in romantic comedies but romantic bonding between straight men and sometimes even between closeted men.  Okay, there’s a chance Seth in Superbad may not be gay, but, man, the movie works hard to imply he might be.  And it’s not all for laughs.  Slowly society’s moving into being less uncomfortable with homosexuality; the bromantic comedy is one part of that therapy.


In Bruno America’s going to see a lot of gay sex (including anal), and I love that (that they’re going to see it, I mean).  And we’re getting a lot of penis in the movies (Forgetting Sarah MarshallWatchmen), which I also love (again, that people are being confronted with it).  Right now I think that gay sex is exactly what America needs–or at least to laugh at our discomfort, our homophobia.  And lots of it.

pointbreak1(Reposted from 4/5/09)


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